Office of Library and Information Services

LORI User Registration

Registration for a LORI User account consists of two parts: a written form and an electronic form.

Part 1.

Provide the following information on your library letterhead. Fax to OLIS at 574-9320. Validation of your account will take one week. There will be no written notification; try using your account a week after faxing information. Call Jeremy Cutler at 574-9306 if you have questions about your registration.


Part 2

Fill in the following information on-line and submit the form by clicking the "Okay" button at the bottom:

NOTE: Use the TAB or arrow keys to move from one form item to the next.

First name
Last name
FYI -- your login name consists of only the first 6 characters of your first name
along with the first and last letter of your last name.
LORI Code (delivery code)
Library Name
Your Library Phone # & ext.
Fax #

Choose a Password: 6 or more characters or a combination of characters and numbers. Password is case sensitive.
Password verification (retype):
Click on Okay


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