Open Library Environment Project

Open Library Environment (OLE) Project is a multi-national library group formed to study business process in libraries and to define a next generation library technology platform.  The overall goal of the project is to develop an open source library system that will

  1. place a research library into the core business process within its educational institution by integrating with the institution’s accounting, instructional management, and other campus business systems.
  2. integrate and collaborate with other institutions for the purpose of resource sharing.

The OLE Project has recently concluded its planning phase and a draft final report was published on July 26, 2009.  The report provides detailed background information about the project and its projected timeline for future development.  It outlines a rather ambitious plan and presents scores of in-depth reference models which will be used as building blocks for the project.

If funded, OLE Project will start its software development in January 2010. The first full release to participating partners is expected to take place in January 2012.

Wish to get involved with the project?  You may leave a comment to the draft report.  In addition, the OLE Project planners are in the process of discussion with potential partners and are opened for inquiry from interested parties.

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