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Braille tools with PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones

By Ann | November 14, 2014

On Wednesday, November 12, 2014, Hadley School for the Blind presented
the seminar, The Value of Braille in the Educational Toolbox. Braille can be used to increase efficiency both in and out of the classroom Would you like to learn how braille tools can be used efficiently with mainstream devices such as PC’s, MAC’s, tablets, and smartphones?

Greg Stilson, Product Manager for HumanWare’s braille product line, discussed the benefits of using braille tools in education and work activities. Larry Muffett, a member of Hadley’s Seminars team moderated this 60-minute seminar. A question and answer session was included as part of the seminar.

This free audio-only seminar is to be archived soon. From the Hadley homepage, link to Access Past Seminars. Search Most Recent Seminars or the links in Seminar Topics, Braille Literacy or Accessibility and Technology for the archived seminar.


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Quarterly issue of Ladies’ Home Journal

By Ann | November 10, 2014

For Talking Books Plus members who subscribe or want to subscribe to Ladies’ Home Journal, here are some changes you will want to be aware of.

From NLS – Ladies’ Home Journal is no longer published in a monthly print edition. The publisher said in April that the magazine would continue this fall in a newsstand-only quarterly edition. The July–August 2014 edition of Ladies’ Home Journal—distributed to subscribers in braille and posted on BARD—was the last issue published on the monthly schedule.

NLS will provide the quarterly edition in braille if a predictable print distribution schedule is established. NLS will continue to monitor the status of this magazine.

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October 2014 Bestseller List

By Ann | November 7, 2014

The October 2014 Bestsellers List has been posted.

This report is compiled monthly by NLS. It combines information taken from the bestseller lists of the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

Bestsellers are included in the report when they appear on one of the above bestseller lists for a month or more.

Once a title appears in the report with an NLS book number, it will not appear on future reports.

The acronyms used for newspapers and book clubs in the NLS bestseller report are:

Code Source

LAT Los Angeles Times

NYT New York Times

WP Washington Post

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Commission on Disabilities Internships

By Ann | November 6, 2014

Governor’s Commission on Disabilities announces the Spring 2015 Fellowships for college students with disabilities, from minority groups, and those enrolled in a course of study in education or human services for persons with disabilities. Enrolled college students who have completed at least 3 semesters may apply. For more information about eligibility, how to apply, deadlines, and fellowship duties, view the Fellowship packet.

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Severe hearing problem listening to books

By Ann | November 3, 2014

If you are a member of talking books with a severe hearing problem and have trouble hearing a book with headphones and the player set at maximum volume, try slowing down the speed of the player by one or two clicks for better hearing.

This suggestion came from William Graczyk at the Wisconsin Talking book and Braille Library.

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Currency Reader post card

By Ann | October 31, 2014

On behalf of RI Talking Books Plus, Perkins Library sent our members a post card about the Free Currency Reader Program.

RI Talking Books Plus members should request a FREE currency reader by contacting Talking Books Plus directly at 401-574-9310. Talking Books Plus as well as Perkins Library are partnering with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of Congress and the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing to provide currency reader devices FREE of charge to individuals who are blind or visually impaired, having difficulty identifying paper currency visually and are registered Talking Books Plus members.

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NFB of RI hosts Conf Line Info Session

By Ann | October 24, 2014



Grace Pires, President

National Federation of the Blind of Rhode Island

(401) 433-2606

National Federation of the Blind of Rhode Island Hosts Informational Session via conference line

Call and tell a friend about it! As part of our efforts to build the Federation we will hold a conference call on Saturday November 1, 2014 at 2:00 pm to provide information about the National Federation of the Blind. Join us for an informative and interactive call to learn about the Federation’s positive philosophy of blindness. Our goal is to build an at large chapter via conference line to reach those who do not have access to transportation to attend local chapter meetings.

Conference dial in Number is (401)415-9892,

Use access code 02888#

Grace Pires, President

National Federation of the Blind of Rhode Island

P.O. Box 14404

East Providence, RI 02914

Follow us on facebook:



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Yankee Sept issue defective

By Ann | October 24, 2014

Talking Books Plus has been made aware of the problem with the September issue of  Yankee magazine in digital format. Perkins Library who provides the digital version for Rhode Island Talking Books Plus members said they are working to fix it. Perkins says the fixed version will be sent out to everyone with the next issue as a double issue, and the online catalog will have the new version as soon as Perkins receives it.

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Verizon Wireless National Accessibility Customer Service

By Ann | October 22, 2014

An announcement by Paul Macchia says, “on October 15, Verizon Wireless unveiled the National Accessibility Customer Service (NACS). Designed to support people with special needs and requirements, the Charleston, South Carolina-based center will be staffed with approximately 200 dedicated representatives to address individual mobile needs – whether it is providing guidance on device selection, technical support or account transactions.

The dedicated phone number for the center is 888-262-1999 and its hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (local time zone). Depending on geographical location, if customers call after these hours, the call will be handled by other Customer Service and Technical Support representatives who are available from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m., (local) seven days a week at 800-922-0204 or by dialing *611 from a Verizon Wireless phone.

Customers can also utilize the Chat services found on”

P.S. The 888-262-1999 phone number works. I tried it.

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Favorite Private Investigator Novels

By Ann | October 22, 2014

Taken from a Severn House article, private investigator writer, Russel D. McLean lists his favorite novels in the private investigator genre. He says these books “influenced my own writing or that I’ve just flat out loved. I can’t pick just one favorite – they’re all absolutely brilliant books.”

Talking Books Plus has the following titles in the collection-
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler DB32657
The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett DB16593, DB74949
The Killing Kind by John Connolly DB58245
A Firing Offence by George Pelecanos DB58158

Russel McLean adds that “You could pick any book by Ross MacDonald and know you have a classic on your hands.” Talking Books Plus has several titles by MacDonald. Request any of the recommended titles listed above from Talking Books Plus online or or call 401-574-9310 to make requests.

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